Privacy Policy

Your privacy and our Web site

NOVA is committed to offering a Web site that respects our visitors’ privacy. All personal information we collect is governed by the applicable laws and our Privacy Policy.

What personal information do we collect?

Web servers automatically collect certain information about a visit to a Web site, including the visitor’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses are unique numbers assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP) to all devices used to access the Internet. Web servers automatically log the IP addresses of visitors to their sites. The IP address, on its own, may not identify an individual. However, in certain circumstances, it could be used to identify an individual using the site. For this reason, we consider the IP address to be personal information, particularly when combined with other data automatically collected when a visitor requests a web page. This information can include the name of the page you visited as well as the date and time of your visit.

Unless otherwise noted, we do not automatically gather any specific personal information from you. The only way we would get this information is if you give it to us, for example, via one of our online forms. We have forms on our site to help you interact with our office – for example, to send us an enquiry, to tell us about a privacy issue, or to make a formal complaint. We only ask for the information that we need to address your request.

Why we collect your personal information and how do we use it

In the course of providing online information or services through our Web site, we collect personal information for certain purposes. We use digital markers and web analytics to improve our site. We offer a number of online tools, such as forms for enquiries or complaints, to deliver our services. We also use certain software to ensure the security of our Web site. These uses are described in more detail in the sections below.

If you send us an email or complete an online form, we may use your personal information to respond to you. In most cases, we will delete any personal information that we did not ask for.

Personal information from emails or completed forms is collected according to applicable laws. Such information may also be used for statistical, evaluation and reporting purposes. We do not use personal information submitted via online forms to create individual profiles.

Digital markers (including cookies)

A digital marker is a small file placed on your computer by a Web site that you visit. They are stored there so that the web server can remember certain pieces of information about you. This information is used by the web server during the same or another visit to the Web site. Examples of digital markers are “cookies” or HTML5 web storage.  They are often used in the collection of web analytics, to store your preferences (for example: language or location), and to manage your session if you are logged in.

They allow a Web site to recognize a previous visitor to a Web site and track what information is viewed on a site which helps Web site administrators ensure visitors find what they are looking for.

While you will be asked by our site (s) whether you authorize the use of digital markers when you first access it, you may at any time adjust your browser settings to reject digital markers, including cookies.

Web analytics

Web analytics is the collection, analysis, measurement, and reporting of data about web traffic and visits. This data is used to improve our Web site. It also helps us complete administrative tasks such as:

  • communications and information technology statistics,
  • audit and evaluation,
  • research,
  • planning and

When your computer requests one of our web pages, we collect the following types of information for web analytics using digital markers (as described above):

  • the originating IP address anonymized so that they cannot be used to identify individuals
  • the date and time of the request
  • the type of browser used
  • the page(s) visited
  • the page previously viewed through which you arrived on our site
  • Files that were clicked and downloaded
  • Links to an outside domain that were clicked
  • Type of operating system and browser used

We use this information to establish:

  • which of our pages are the most popular
  • what people are looking for on our site
  • how people navigate our site

The information collected is not disclosed to an external third party. It is then disposed of in accordance with the applicable laws. Our web analytics will also respect any “do not track” setting you might have set on your browser.

Protecting the security of our Web site

We use software programs to monitor network traffic and identify unauthorized attempts to change information or damage our systems. This software receives and records the IP address of the computer that has contacted our Web site, the date and time of the visit and the pages visited.

We make no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting our site unless we have detected or been advised of an attempt to damage the site.

The information may be shared with law enforcement authorities if we suspect criminal activities. This information may be used for network security related statistical purposes, audit, evaluation, research, planning and reporting.

Who sees your personal information

We do not disclose the information to anyone other than to those who are working on your request. We do not use your personal information to create individual profiles. Any further disclosure of your personal information is done with your consent and in accordance with applicable laws.

In cases where services are provided by third parties such as social media platforms or mobile applications, IP addresses may be recorded by their web servers.

How we protect your personal information

Emails and other electronic methods used to communicate with us are not secure unless it specifically says so. It is not recommended that you send sensitive personal information, such as your Social Insurance Number or your date of birth, through non-secure electronic means.

Inquiring about our privacy practices

Any questions, comments, concerns or complaints you may have about the administration of the Privacy Act and privacy policies concerning our web presence may be directed to our Chief Privacy Officer.

Social Media

Our use of social media serves as an extension of our web presence. Social media accounts are public and are not hosted on our servers. Users who choose to interact with us via social media should read the terms of service and privacy policies of these third-party service providers and those of any applications you use to access them. You should also read our Social Media Policies and Notices. We use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and WordPress.

Comments left by individuals on social media can be read by anyone. Therefore, we h3ly advise you not to post any personal information – whether it is yours or not. We reserve the right to remove any comments that violate our Comment Policy or contain personal information.

Personal information that you provide us via social media is collected to capture conversations (e.g. questions and answers, comments) between us. It may be used to respond to inquiries, or for statistical, evaluation and reporting purposes.

Linking to third-party Web sites

You should be aware that information on any third-party Web site that we link to is not subject to our Policy. With respect to privacy, visitors should research the privacy policies of these Web sites before providing personal information.

Where do we store your personal information?

We store your personal information in our offices in Canada, as well as our data centers in the United States. While your personal information is in the U.S., it is subject to U.S. laws, and may be subject to disclosure to the governments, courts or law enforcement or regulatory agencies in the U.S., pursuant to applicable laws.

Our service providers may, from time to time, also hold your personal information in connection with purposes for which you provided your consent. We may keep a record of your personal information, correspondence or comments in a file specific to you.

Nova Communications

Through our Sites and various offline means, you may sign up or opt-in to receive communications from Nova. If you do not opt-in, Nova will not send you any communications, including promotional offers. Each communication sent to you by Nova contains an “unsubscribe” link or other unsubscribe mechanism, allowing you to opt-out at any time. If you opt-in to receive communications from multiple brands within the Nova family of companies, and subsequently wish to opt-out, you may need to opt-out individually from each of the brands you elected to receive communications from. See Section IV below for further information on modifying the personal information we have for you, including communication preferences.

Requesting information on your personal information or on our Privacy Policy?

You can request information on your personal information by selecting ‘Inquiries on Privacy Policy’ in our Contact form. We will not assess any costs to you for access to your personal information or on our Privacy Policy without first providing you with an estimate of the approximate costs, if any. You may withdraw your request for access to information by notifying us within the 30-day notice period disclosed on the estimate. If you do not notify us within such 30-day period, we will send you a further notice indicating that you will be deemed to have withdrawn your request for access unless you advise us otherwise within 30 days. If after the expiry of this 30-day period, you have not so advised us, we will deem your request to have been withdrawn and provide you with written notice to that effect. We may request that you provide us with sufficient identification before granting you access to information regarding the existence, use or disclosure of your personal information. Any such identification information shall be used only for this purpose.

Privacy Statement Updates

Nova reserves the right to make changes in this Privacy Statement. Such changes will take effect immediately upon posting. For your convenience, the last revised date of the current Privacy Statement will be posted at the top of this page. By continuing to interact with us following such changes, including by using our Sites, you will be deemed to have agreed to such changes. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Statement, please do not continue using our Sites.

Governing Law

This Privacy Statement is governed by, and interpreted and enforced in accordance with, the laws in force in the Province of Quebec and the federal laws of Canada (excluding any conflict of laws, rule or principle which might refer such interpretation to the laws of another jurisdiction).